First and foremost, the best thing about working with Burke Special Projects is their experience-based knowledge and how they communicate that to the user. The team is very responsive, which is essential in our industry. Their quality of work is deeply appreciated. Burke Special Projects can do everything from A to Z and knows how to avoid the problems that may arise. It is not easy to work through a construction process from start to finish, but Burke Special Projects has proven to be excellent at this. A great business always starts at the top and Jim is excellent with tenants and users. Kevin is very professional and meticulous. You have to be that way to succeed in this industry, and Burke has.

Brad Peterson

Senior Vice President, CBRE

Our experiences with Burke Special Projects have been phenomenal in every sense. Over the years we have worked with Burke Special Projects team on many sophisticated and demanding requirements where they were the contractor for our client’s office space. Their team takes the time to understand the client and deliver a level of service, performance, and knowledge that is indicative of the infectious culture that Kevin and his team have built. Beyond the professionalism, their dedication to the community and always doing the right thing is truly what stands out to us most. They’re one of a kind.

Dan Palmeri

Senior Director, Cushman & Wakefield

One thing that sets Burke Special Projects apart from other General Contractors is that you have a true PARTNER on your project. They are transparent, honest, relationship driven and provide strong leadership in the team environment. Burke Special Projects is a solutions-focused contractor that is continuously looking for opportunities to enhance construction means and methods to provide the best possible outcome for their clients while keeping budget and schedule at the forefront of priorities.

Vivian Bryce-Tyson

Project Manager, Grand Canyon Development Partners

Grand Canyon Development Partners had the pleasure of working with the Burke Special Projects Group for several years now. They are a highly regarded team of professionals in the construction industry and rightfully so because of their dedication to the client. In every project, they demonstrate a unique ability at problem solving, creativity, honesty and consistently manage in the best interest of the projects. We have been especially privileged to work with Jim, Kristen, Kade and many other professionals in the organization and have developed a high degree of trust between our two firms.

The value that Burke Special Projects Group places on relationship building, adding value and working with the entire development team as a trusted partner is truly what has placed them apart from their competition.

Sam Nicholson

President, Grand Canyon Development Partners

On behalf of my client, Urth Caffe, we are appreciative of Burke’s professionalism and commitment to a long-term relationship.

David Yerushalmi

Esq., Law Offices of David Yerushalmi

Shane’s diligence and commitment on this project have been impressive and a huge benefit to us, especially with me being remote most of the time. Besides the responsiveness and thoroughness in addressing all issues that have arisen, he certainly went above and beyond in assisting us cleaning up the site when we hosted a “floor wetting” party on site for some of our distributors’ mid-project and accommodating all our deliveries and furniture installations in the final stages of the project. The weekly updates and project plan tracking was great too, so overall it was great working with you guys and hats off to Shane for a phenomenal job.

Taun Masterson

Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Mahi Gaming

When working with Burke Special Projects we were mostly amazed by their professionalism and how quickly they finished the job within budget. The Burke Special Project’s team was attentive to the details and would immediately address and fix any small issues. Everyone on the team from top to bottom was amazing. Team members greeted me on visits to the job site and informed me of the status of the project.

Additionally, 6-7 months post project completion, the Burke team has reached out to check in regarding the project and that everything is ok. I was pleasantly surprised by this and really appreciate the quality customer service.

Michael Merback

First Vice President - Branch Director, RBC

We’ve worked with Jim Colegrove for over 9 years and the Special Projects team has done a majority of our tenant improvement work. Jim’s team is by far the most user-friendly, the most realistic when setting expectations and excellent at deciding when to spend and when not to spend. Jim and his team were amazing at navigating through the tough situations as well as diligent and patient when needed. Burke Special Projects consistently exceeds our expectations and are excellent at getting the project completed on time, sorting out building department issues and having minimal change orders. Overall, Jim and the Special Projects team are wonderful to work with!

Samantha Dugan

Founder, SKR Real Estate Services

Our experience, as well as our client’s experience, with Burke was nothing short of top-notch. Always professional, Burke ensured a smooth construction process from start to finish. They were an excellent partner with prompt communication, seamless vendor coordination, and a management style that delivered an overall quality project. I’d be thrilled to work with them again.

Allison Weatherman

Project Manager, Turner & Townsend

Urth Caffé in Las Vegas was our first out of state project and it was important to us that we found the right contractor for the job. We were very impressed with Burke Special Projects and the very strong connection we had with the team, they were the most attentive team, followed up the most and gave us the most information up front. These are a few of the reasons why we chose Burke Special Projects and ultimately, they exceeded our expectations. This was one of the fastest build-outs of any of our branches and the Burke team worked very hard to stay within budget and schedule. Throughout the process, we got to know the team better and it really impressed our team that during the bidding phase, they got excited when they found ways to save us money. Burke Special Projects was the driving partner in cutting our budget, and from past experiences, that’s rare with a contractor. Overall, we were so impressed with the quality of work from Burke Special Projects that we hired them for another branch in Southern California. Kade Cole was the superintendent on both projects and has done great work, his tremendous attention to detail and his pride in working with Urth Caffé really makes it feel like we’re all one team. We have a strong relationship with Burke Special Projects, we love them!

Shallom Berkman

Owner, Urth Caffé




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385 Pilot Road
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